ww1.JPGWorld War One was kicked off in 1914 with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungry. Gavrilo Princip, from Serbia, was the assassin. Prior to entry into the war many factors were building up tension in Europe, including alliances,militarism, and the building of imperealism. A few days after Austria-Hungry declared war on Serbia, Germany declared war on France and Russia. Later, Great Britain declared war on Germany in order to aid the French. For many years there would be a sralemate; no side would be winning or losing the war.

It was after the sinking of the Lusitania in the year 1915that the United States declared war on Germany. The American troops, nicknamed the Doughboys by the French, were quickly mobilized and poorly trained prior to going to war. New war technology, such as bombs, machine guns, posian gas and tanks were at use for the first time. Both sides actively used trench warfare through the duration of the war. The American troops, led by General Pershing, arrived just in time to reinforce help for the French while fighting the Germans. American Expeditionary Forces pushed back the Germans in the Battle of the Marne. Completely exhausted, Kaiser Wilhell the 2nd urged the Germans troops to keep fighting. Refusing to do so, the German troops ended up overthrowing Kaiser from power.

At the end of the War, President Wilson drew up a plan in an attempt to prevent such a disaster from ever happening again. In his 14-Points , his ideas were to make the world a safe place for a democracy. Completely disregarding his opinions, the treaty was signed officially ending World War One. Germany was completely to blame for the war and the devastation caused. In the treaty, the Versailles was formed to settle disputes between countries, prevent war, and disarmament. The United States was one of the only countries to remain out of the League of Nations.

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